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Artist Katherine Zsolt Returns to The Icehouse, Phoenix with “Leaving My Father’s House” Installation

ICEHOUSE Alternative Arts Museum
 429 west jackson street . phoenix

march  12th – 6pm  to 10pm         13th – noon to 10pm        14th – noon to 10pm
                     20th noon to 10pm        21st noon to 10pm


“Leaving My Father’s House”                    
   by Katherine Zsolt

“The first parts of the exhibition are about finding one’s own voice,
 and achieving a balance of personal power,” says show creator
 Katherine Zsolt.  “The final section of the show concerns the use of
 that power. It is – both figuratively and literally – a platform from
 which I urge the audience to consider the trust our children have in

 Zsolt’s multimedia installation was inspired by a favorite book,
 Leaving My Father’s House, by Jungian analyst Marion Woodman.  
 The book parallels a Grimm’s Brother’s Fairy Tale with
 explorations of personal development.

 Set against the backdrop of the historic Icehouse in downtown
 Phoenix,visitors to the exhibit follow a path through three rooms in
 the 12,000 sq. ft. venue, each depicting a stage in a  development and
 growing personal awareness. A powerful combination of relief wall
 panels, body cast installations and video offerings challenge the viewer
 to reflect upon their role in the world community and accept responsibility
 for the fate of our children.

For information call        415.312.1353