When the Water Came: Evacuees of Hurricane Katrinia

When the Water Came:
Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina



Interview-poems by Cynthia Hogue. Photographs by Rebecca Ross





Published by University of New Orleans Press, August 2010

When the Water Came: Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina is a compelling collection of interview-poems by Cynthia Hogue and photographs by Rebecca Ross that portrays the experiences of twelve evacuees. These evacuees include ordinary people from all walks of life–people like Freddie Munn, a disabled man who built a raft of doors, then swam to safety after his raft capsized, spending the next week on a bridge before being rescued, and Ardie Cooper, a casino bartender, who clung with her daughter to the roof of their home while being inundated by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. When the Water Came gives form and voice to the resourcefulness of individual evacuees expressed through their own words and in the photographs of faces, rescued possessions, and lost homes. Through images and words, these survivors tell us about courage, dignity, and resilience.

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When the Water Came: Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina





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All Photographs © 2010 Rebecca Ross.