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Getulio Damado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A trip to Rio de Janeiro isn’t complete without a visit to the open air studio of Getulio Damado in the Santa Teresa area of the city. He is an institution. Recent efforts by the city to force him to move from where he has worked for many years under the canopy of a large tree proved unsuccessful when it sparked an outcry from Getulio fans and patrons. Enjoy this latest video in the Catalyst Artist Video Project.

Meet Danielle Carcav! Catalyst Video Project

Meet Rio de Janeiro based artist Danielle Carcav, an emerging artist with a rapid upward trajectory. Though the video conversation is in Portuguese, there are images of Danielle’s work to enjoy.This video is a part of the Catalyst Video Projects, edited by Chico Fernandes and produced by Ted Decker and Ted Decker Catalyst Fund.