People Like Us

People Like Us

A micro art exhibition curated by Ted G. Decker
for Echo Coffee

People Like Us pinpoints the phenomenon and growing trend of people who satisfy their lust for, and maybe even addiction to, coffee by frequenting coffee houses like Echo Coffee and coffee stores. More than that, many use the coffee house as a neutral, “safe”, and ambient place for social interaction as well as for business meetings and studying. Some actually “set up shop” by connecting to the world through WiFi which is usually available for free or a minimal charge.

For the better part of the last 20 years, I have advocated for artists and art in various ways, one of which has been hanging art in coffee places and alternative venues including new car dealerships and restaurants. Art that may be “threatening” or a mystery in a more formal setting like a gallery or museum can be viewed in a more relaxed and open minded way in a place like a coffee house or restaurant.

The artwork in this small exhibition is mostly pulled from my personal art collection which I began assembling over 35 years ago. I chose 10 works by 9 artists which portray a broad range of people. The art is as diverse as the artists who made it and consists of figurative work in a variety of media including photography, painting, lithography, and drawing. Of the 9 artists, 3 are from the Phoenix Metropolitan area with the 6 others from New York, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, Russia, and from Rio de Janeiro where I have recently established an office. Contemporary art asks us to respond, to complete a thought or idea. My hope is that viewers of this exhibit will think about the art and respond in some way, i.e. I like/don’t like this art work because (fill in the blank)…

The art in this exhibit is for sale, providing a vehicle for people to start or add to their collections or to enhance their living and work environments. Please contact me via my website for additional information, including prices.

Ted G. Decker
October, 2011